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Victoria,Gozo’s Capital City, otherwise known as Rabat to the locals, is a hustling, bustling City with a very busy feel to it during the day.  Victoria wakes up around 6am when the local work force head for work and pop into the numerous bars for a coffee and Pastizzi, a simple, but delightful Gozitan pastry normally made of Cheese or Pea.  One of the busiest bars is Tapie’s Bar in San Francisk Square, a visit to Gozo wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this truly local bar.................


Xlendi, is a picture postcard bay located to the South west of the Island and is a firm favorite  amongst Gozitans, Maltese and tourists alike. Many people are attracted to Xlendi due to the Waterside setting of the many bars and restaurants that line the quayside.  There is also a small sandy beach and excellent sunbathing spots located around the bay and plenty of water sports activities to keep all of the family happy..............


Marsalforn is Gozo’s main summer holiday destination with many Gozitans and Maltese having holiday flats there.  It is situated to the North of the island and is only a ten minute drive from Victoria.  Marsalforn is a traditional fishing village and boats can be seen coming and going throughout the day providing fresh fish to the bustling restaurants.


Mgarr, Gozo’s port, is the gateway to the Island, whether you are arriving by ferry or by sea-plane, you will pass through Mgarr.  As the ferry makes it way slowly into the harbour, Gozo’s beauty is immediate; Mgarr is a picturesque fishing village that hasn’t really changed much throughout the years.  One of the most immediate sights will be the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Loreto that sits high above Mgarr


Sannat is a sleepy village located to the south of the Island, a ten minute drive from Victoria.  Sannat was once famed for its lace industry but unfortunately progress and mass production has put paid to this.  With a population of just over 2000, Sannat is known for its ancient cart ruts, temples and dolmens, and rich fauna and flora.


Xaghra, located to the North East of the Island is the second largest Village on the Island with a population of just over 4200 people.  The village is perched on a high hill and has great views of much of the Island including Ramla Bay.  In Maltese, Xaghra means ‘’wilderness’’, a term relating to its location on top of a hill.


Nadur is Gozo’s largest village with a population of just over 5000 people.  Nadur means ‘’lookout’’ in Maltese and comes from the Arabic word nadara.  Perched on a high hill with commanding views of Comino and Malta it is clear why Nadur was an ideal spot to look out for unfriendly enemies.  Several watchtowers were built in and around Nadur , Ta’Kenuna Tower was built by the British in the 19th century and was used as a telegraph link between Gozo and Malta.

Dwejra -Gharb

Gharb is a beautiful Village, located west of Victoria about a ten minute drive away.  Gharb is one of the oldest Villages on the Island and derives it’s name from Arabic, although in Maltese it means ‘’West’’ and it is in fact the western most Village on the Island.  The Village also houses Ta' Dbiegi Crafts Village, a must visit for any visitor looking to sample Gozo’s arts and crafts

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